Non-Access Portals

The open design of these gantries, with no flooring or enclosing cladding meaning that they are maintained externally (hence non-access), reduces the cost of the structure while allowing more signage to be utilised.

Nusteel worked on the prototype of this style of gantry which was designed for the M42 Active Traffic Management (ATM) Scheme in 2003. Now these structures are in great demand and are used for Managed Motorway Schemes were variable speed limits are required to keep traffic flowing.

Tollbar Improvements Sign Gantries

Eurotunnel Sign Gantry

Saddlers Farm Gantries

Birmingham Box Managed Motorway Scheme Phase 3

A90 Gantries


Birmingham Box Phase 1 & 2

M1 Junction 6A to 10

M62 Junction 7

M42 ATM Scheme