Other Projects

As well as our staple diet of gantries and bridges we at Nusteel can also put our skills into practice on other projects.  Over the years we have fabricated and installed everything from Road Beams to Pipe Bridges, Airport Link Bridges to enclosing concrete bridges with mesh canopies and even the heavy lifting gantry cranes used to build the Swale Bypass.

Brook Road Ramps

Dover Dock’s Berth No 2

Rugby Cycle Ramps

Port Talbot Stairs

Ricoh Stadium Stairs

Beton Concrete Forms

London Eye Brows

Gatwick Baggage Link

Haldon Chalets

Heathrow Passenger Links

Mannings Heath

RNLI Link Bridge

Stansted Links

Stour Centre

Swale Lifting Gantry

University of Essex